My face

Carlos Pedro was born in Lisbon, 29 years ago. 

He started producing comic books in 2006 with Super Pig #1, published by Kingpin Books. He then continued working with the publisher in Super Pig #2, 2007, and Super Pig #4, in 2009.

After finishing his degree in architecture Carlos delved into freelance work. He began working with independent publishers, first in "Fast and Frightening" by Freaktown comics and later in "Keeper" by Atypical Comics. 

In 2014 he wrote, drew and self published "SOLOMON", a 36 page black and white comic book. He took the book to the Leeds Thoughtbubble Festival, where it gathered the interest of Richard Starkings, editor and writer of the "Elephantmen" comic book series published by Image Comics.  

So far, in 2015 Carlos has finished one issue of "Elephantmen" and is currently working in two more to be launched until the end of the year and will be relaunching SOLOMON in a new deluxe edition this time in collaboration with Kingpin Books.